The SAMARTH Udyog Bharat 4.0 projects initiated by Ministry of Heavy Industries have the following common features
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Master Trainers to be trained
  • Start-up/ incubators to be provided
  • Hand-holding of SMEs to plan and implement relevant Industry 4.0 projects to be done through consultancy services on chargeable basis
  • Collaborating with neighbourhood Universities for student training/internship programmes
  • Involving industry in SPV membership model for sustainability
  • Participating in a Government formed platform for Industry 4.0 on common agenda
  • To make adequate provisions for e-waste management
  • Involving as many clusters of Capital Good as possible


To facilitate and create eco system for propagation of Industry 4.0 set of technologies in every Indian manufacturing by 2025, be it MNC, large, medium or small scale Indian company.


Pier I: Awareness and Demystification: Developing programmes, programme contents, institutions, cadre of experts and cooperation to create awareness about Industry 4.0 in Indian manufacturing.

Pier II: Experience and Demo Centres: Creation of country vide network in every manufacturing cluster to provide demonstration, experience and adoption of Industry 4.0.

Pier III: Training and Skills: Creation of training programmes, training content, methodology, trainers, institutions and support mechanisms to train Indian manufacturing personnel in new trades required by induction of Industry 4.0.

Pier IV: Industry and Academia: Developing network and cooperation between industry and academia with the objective of graduate students having knowledge and skills required in the industry for Industry 4.0. This includes setting up start-ups, incubators, bridge courses, recognition of prior learning and continued learning.

Pier V: Engineering Research and Applicable of Industrial I 4.0 Technologies: Creation of institutional capacities, projects, programmes and IPR for new applications of Industry 4.0 required by the country, which are different than the one adopted by the West.

Pier VI: International Cooperation: Creation of cooperation and programmes for by directional flow of knowledge and skills between India and the rest of the world related to Industry 4.0.


  • Like rest of the world all stake holders whether in line function or in support function of manufacturing and software based in India are proposed to be brought together in grand alliance on Industry 4.0. Their cooperation will be based on mutually beneficial agenda in the verticals specified as above in the vision and mission statements. Typical examples are :-
  • Government: Central and State Departments dealing with industry such as Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Department of Heavy Industry, Department of Small & Medium Enterprises, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Food Processing, Ministry of Petroleum etc.
  • Industrial Associations & individual industrial units: Confederation of Indian Industry, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Automation Association of India etc. etc.
  • Institutions: IITs, IISc, CMTI, NITs, DRDO institutions, CSIR institutions, Departmental institutions, private industrial R&D institutions etc.
  • Support organizations: VDMA, GITA, NRDC etc.